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Friday, April 17, 2009

Born OK the first time

The other day, while out running an errand, I saw a truck in the Lowe's parking lot with a couple of bumper stickers on it. I don't spend much time reading bumper stickers, but I noticed an Obama sticker on the truck, and slowed down enough to read the other two. One said "I vote Constitutionally", and had the ACLU web address on it. Cool. The other said "Born OK the first time." HAH! I then realized that I'd left my phone in the car, went and grabbed it, passed by the truck again, and stopped to take a pic of the Born OK sticker with my camera phone. As I clicked, I heard a cart rolling toward me, and saw an older - maybe 60 years - white lady pushing a cart right toward me.

"You like that sticker?" she asked.

"I do. Is that yours?" I asked, indicating the truck.

"It is."

"Well I agree with you!" I declared, and smiled at her, and headed into the store to do my errands.

Afterward, I wished that I'd stopped longer and at least exchanged more pleasantries. Helped her with whatever she was carrying maybe. Told her that I appreciated the stickers on her truck, and that it was always nice to randomly bump into someone of a similar philosophical/political bent, especially as Red as our state is.

So... next time you get a chance, hug a liberal atheist! Or at least smile and say hi. We don't bite!

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Bryan Tagas said...

I have a t-shirt with this "Born Okay the First Time" slogan on it, and when I wear it around town in the summer I usually get a lot of positive responses. Of course I live in a very very blue town (Seattle) in a pretty blue state. Not too surprising. I like your blog, even if you are self-described as boring.