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Sunday, June 26, 2005


Well well well.

We have moved!

Krissi and I tossed and turned all Friday night, anxious about the move. I had to get up early saturday morning to go install some network equipment for a project, but was back home by 8:30 or so. Krissi and I ran down to Horn Lake to get the huge uhaul truck. It's the big big truck. We drove it back to the apartment, and set about putting furniture and boxes on the truck. Travis and Tom of course were on hand to help out, and before long Jason, Maddie, John, Beth, Riley and my Dad showed up to help out.

We noticed during the packing process, while moving the truck a bit that it was leaking coolant. Like pretty badly. So I called the place we got it from, as I'm not interested in the thing breaking down, or in owning this truck. I was referred to call the shop, which I did, and within an hour or so a fellow was out poking around at the engine. Apparently we lost all the belts on the engine somehow. Thankfully he was able to make repairs on the spot and have it back in running shape. Then we lost the key. Well, he asked me for the key after fixing the engine, to which I responded that I'd given him the key. He looked perplexed, and I asked him to look again while I ran into the (already packed up) apartment in a near panic to search for the key, which I was (pretty) sure I'd given to him. Again, thankfully, he located the key, which I had indeed given to him.

We managed to get everything packed up onto the truck and into cars by about 1 or 2 in the afternoon, but then we ran into a snag. We didnt know when the seller would be out of the house, and started packing with the assumption that we would get a call sometime telling us that it was cool to come on to the house. Well, by 2 o'clock we'd had no phone call. I was anxious but trying hard to be patient, but we also had an (empty) apartment full of hot sweaty tired people who'd just helped us move the truck, and now got to hang out in the empty living room staring at each other. We called Kay and inquired. She was busy, but said that she'd call the seller's agent and inquire. An hour ticked by with no news or phone call. Things started getting desperate, our movers growing bored and restless, while Krissi and I grew less patient and more frustrated with the lack of information. Around 3:30, right before the knives came out, we had decided to go catch a movie. Right before we packed up and went to the theater though, Kay called. She'd spoken with the sellers, and she said that we could meet them at 6PM. Just a hair under two hours away. This nixed the movie for Krissi and I at least, as we had to drop off a treadmill in south Memphis and then drive out to the house. Let me specifically mention how patient and good-natured our friends were. Everyone was hot, tired and bored with having to sit and wait for hours. No one even yelled us. So we hung out for another 45 minutes or so, at least now knowing what the plan was. Finally a few minutes before 5 o'clock we loaded the last of the things we wanted to be sure came with us right away, leaving in the apartment only things we didnt want, and the very few things that we figured could wait before coming with us. We all hopped in our vehicles and headed out, a merry caravan trailing along behind our huge uhaul truck. We managed to find the place where we were dropping off the treadmill with only a small amount of difficulty. I have to admit that by this time I was pretty tired from little sleep and weary from moving. In addition I was stressed from moving in general, and trying keep things moving along, and frustrated with the slow pace of things and the waiting and the difficulties in driving this huge flipping truck around town. We dropped the treadmill off and then continued our caravan through town, finally arriving at the new house just a couple minutes after 6. We got the keys and took possession of the house, then got to unloading. My dad and I went around the corner to pick up a clothes dryer that he was kind enough to donate to us, and meanwhile my brother and his wife showed up, and my mom as well. By the time my dad and I got back with the dryer, the truck was pretty much unloaded. I'll say again that our friends and family rock, and we're very very appreciative of them. Soon after my family made their exits, and we went on food and beverage runs. We kicked off the new house with a bang, spending alot of money on alcohol and food, and we managed to get the tv and dvd running, and found our dvds. Everyone sat back on our poor tired couches and chairs and was entertained first with Princess Bride, then with Casshern, and finally, laaaaate in the evening, with MI2 (You're welcome, John ;)). Some people went to sleep and were drawn on with magic marker, and finally we closed everything down around 3AM. Yay House!!

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