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Friday, December 8, 2006

an admission

Okay, I have a rather embarrassing admission to make. Some of my friends will scoff and sneer derisively at me, and that's okay, I'll sortof deserve it.

I started playing Medievia again.

See.. I hopped on Med way back in '94 from Millsaps college, down in Jackson, MS, when I was hanging out with a buddy. Fast forward a couple of years, when I was at Delta State, I got onto Med and played full time.. much to the detriment of my education. But I met a bunch of cool people, and played on there with Kurt and Anna and Dave. But I played quite a bit, though I was lazy about grinding XP, and so never made it to the upper levels. Eventually I quit playing. Fast forward to now.

I'm totally relearning the game. It's fun, though I dont know how long I'll end up sticking with it.

I'm also relearning mudmaster scripting, which, to be honest, was as much, if not more fun than actually playing medievia.

So there ya go. My big terrible secret.

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