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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

cant play in crazy-land

So I recently admitted to having started playing Medievia again.

Now I'm think I'm done, again.

Two reasons: one is easy- I'm flaky and move quickly from interest to interest.

Two is that vryce (the guy who owns and runs medievia) is fucking crazy.

How crazy?

This crazy:

[part 1] http://slithytoves.sytes.net/~jerm/vryce122106.txt

[part 2 ]http://www.medievia.com/flawed.html

He's just bonkers. If you want to save some time and some eye rolling, the first part is his 'journal' on medievia, in which he talks about a paper he wrote called 'flawed', and goes on to describe how he was in a bad way before he sat down and wrote it and was 'enlightened', and now how torn up he is that he thinks he cant/shouldnt share it with the world/medievia, and how he'd love it if people would let him know what they think he should do, and if they want to read his paper. Part 2 is his paper. I'll share some gems from them:

My heroes are Jesus, Galileo, Darwin, Einstein, Bohr, and we may as well throw in president Bill Clinton. The words of Jesus have affected me more than any of the others but if you take them all as a whole you can discover the meaning of life.
I was always interested in religions and God, and probably always spent too much of my free time learning about religions, quantum mechanics, biology, etc. After 911 it became too much for me. I became a hermit to the real world and my search for answers got worse. I started obsessing about physics, space-time, God, and Medievia, and how they relate.
The answers that have become clear to me are in some ways as mystical as many religions, but the answers are built on pure logic.
This is a logical journey in search for God. During the search we will only go where self evident logic points us. We will use science to see if the theory matches reality. We will look at God from a purely logical standpoint from Gods perspective as well as our perspective. We will look at the fabric of space and time, consciousness, and what would first be needed before they could logically exist. We will simply search for God as best as we can, using logic, reality, and gut instinct to guide us.
I am also a scientist, an observer who keeps up to date in all of the latest leaps of undeniable logic, true science about the real reality as we see it. I am a science junky and consider myself well versed in every field of science, the history of every field of science; physics, quantum theory, biology, you name it.

Oh geez, I'm just gonna be copy/pasting the whole thing. Its just insane.

Oh.. then there's the Diku issue. I'd almost convinced myself that I could swallow sending money in to the guy in exchange for donation items, or building on the mud, but gak!

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