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Saturday, December 16, 2006

christmas shopping and stuff

Did I mention that we own another cat? We've named it Zoe. It was a rescue.

We of course waited until the 11th hour, and so went out amidst the terrible traffic and the short-sleeve weather to do our christmas shopping. How funny, firefox2 tells me that 'christmas' is misspelled. Maybe its the lower case c. which I now refuse to capitalize because I'm cranky. That reminds of the dusting off of the War on Christmas. You know, its the time of year when all of the atheists and muslims and all the other people who hate christianity get together in secret meetings and petition Hallmark to be sure not to mention christmas at all. Its all "Seasons Greetings" and "Happy Holidays" around here! Ahhhh, if only you were as persecuted as you claim to be. That's a misstatement, I dont have any desire for christians to be persecuted, I just wish they'd stop griping about whats written on some holiday greeting cards. Well, and I wish they'd shut up about gay marriage. And abortion. And stop trying to fully integrate our government and the church.. Now I'm ranting. Anywho...

What else.... medievia! I've been playing again, and am grinding levels. It has generated an interesting (to me) internal debate. I see myself spending (and having spent) countless hours in something which, if someone were to flip a switch, it would all go away. And so I wonder if in 50 years I'll look back and ask myself, "What did you accomplish?" And I wonder if I'll have a bunch of "I hero'd on medievia, and I had an awesome clan on WoW, and yada yada yada", all non-tangible stuff. All things that leave nothing behind to show for it. Or do they? Is it good enough that its just entertainment? Do I need to be a better human and stop watching television and playing Medieval Total War and start working with Habitat for Humanity? Anyway, I'm mildly tormented by it, but I'm sure it'll pass. More XP, please.

Krissi got some fantastic tattooing done. She had a japanese Kanji symbol done on her back years and years ago, and she's toyed with the idea of adding something to it. Well she has done so, and some friends were generous enough to help make it happen, financially speaking.

At work, I've been in slow, slow, slow progress of moving from a windows workstation environment, setup as a simple workgroup with a Novell fireserver.. to a full on Windows 2003 domain. its a slow and slightly painful process, cause it feels like its a project involving me, 1,000 golf balls, and a tub of water. Oh, and I'm upgrading our SalesLogix database to v7.

What else.... I'm kinda hitting a little of everything here, looks like. I found second life. Its really really neat. But... I dont know what its for :P That's a silly statement, cause its not entirely true, I just dont know if it holds anything for me I suppose, but I'd encourage everyone log on and check it out. Hey, its free.

Oh, I want to read the Rule of Four sometime.

Did I mention that Regina Spektor rocks?

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