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Friday, December 1, 2006

The line was down....

I keep meaning to do more work related posts.

Here's one:

We have a facility up in rural Indiana. We have a point-to-point T1 that connects that site to our main site, and the users in Indiana connect to the computer systems here to do their work, and we do inter-office calling between phone systems via the T1. So we really rely on it.

A couple of months ago we started having serious problems with it. When the connection went down, our Indiana office was hurtin'. So we made all the phone calls and got people on the case. Eventually it turns out that there's a problem with the phone companies physical lines, so they're going to run some temporary lines until they can fix it. Only we discover that the temporary line that they've run is on the ground. Laid across some disused train tracks, through a couple of yards and a field, as its about a half mile from the carrier's box to our facility. So... every saturday, the connection goes down again with Bob or whoever cuts his grass and our internet connection.

It took like 6 weeks for them to fix this.

Finally they got the stupid cable off the ground and had everything restored, but geez.

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