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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Ban on Coffin Photos


I'd just like to know how this works.

What mechanism allows the President to ban the media from displaying the coffins of military service-people? I know this is not a George W. invention, but I'm very irritated that this is happening. Mostly because we live in a country that features pretty wide-ranging freedom of the media. Its sometimes a bad thing, but I can think of only very little good, and alot of negative regarding the ban on coffin photos. I certainly respect the rights of the families of the dead, but I don't think that photographs of flag draped coffins infringe on those rights. Rather, I think that we have the right, as the public, to see the cost of our foreign policy.

But wait, I got sidetracked, there are two issues here - privacy for the families of the deceased is one, but the other is how does the President get to decide what we see photographs of? This is just one thing, but what about when we can't see photographs of the anit-war demonstrations?

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