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Monday, January 8, 2007

Holy Crap (system requirements)

So I got my hands on Rainbow Six: Vegas, and hoped to give it a whirl. I've long been a fan of the Rainbow Six series, and so I was eager to try this new one out. Now, let me interrupt myself.. I'm a nerd. A computer nerd. I'm not the biggest computer nerd that I know, really, and I'm somewhat less of a computer nerd now than I was just a few years ago. I no longer avidly keep up with what the latest, greatest video card is, and no longer do hourly refresh a long list of computer hardware and game websites. But I'm still a computer nerd and proud of it. So.. my desktop is rather dated. I built it.. oh god.. has it been two and a half years ago? I'm going to totally lose my nerd hat. Anyway, it has fallen behind the technology curve. I've also got a laptop that is approaching two years old, but I beefed it up when I bought it, and so its been able to run everything I've loaded on it.. granted, with things like Medieval II or Oblivion, I've had to turn down the graphics a little.. but I've been able to play and enjoy them.

I knew R6:Vegas was pretty, so I knew I'd have to turn the graphics down. What I did not know was that since my system(s) do not meet the minimum system requirements for the game, I couldn't even run it. At all. Bgak.

On the other hand, *drool*. Now where's that money tree at....

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