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Monday, January 15, 2007

Virginia, flabby, zombies, pants, stuff.

Not much exciting going on here.

Krissi and I went to Virginia for her mom's 50th birthday. It was a good, quick trip, and I'm glad to be back home.

I desperately need to get back on the running and exercising thing. I feel flabby and bleh.

Picked up World War Z on the way back from Virgina and have been devouring it. I'm enjoying it a great deal, which, in and of itself, is enjoyable- since this is the first book I've sat down and read in .... a long long time. And of course it makes me want to run a zombies game. Which of course makes me want to run any TSOY game. Shadow of Dungeons and Dragons, anyone? I'm such a basket case. Oh, and World War Z is a kinda funny story too, cause I saw it in a store awhile back and thought "cool!" and put it back down. Then I saw talking about the book, and so my interest was both renewed and intensified, and so I'd made known in no uncertain terms, my desire for the book. But we've been trying to be super thrifty, so were holding off for my birthday. But while walking through the Dulles airport, we passed a bookstore, and I challengingly offered "Lets make a bet on whether they have WWZ there", since Krissi had expressed that she figured they would not have it. We walked into the store in time to overhear the guy at the counter talking to someone on the phone.. his conversation went like this: "blah blah blah blah World War Z blah blah blah". To which I said, interrupting him, "You have it, right?" He got off the phone, found the book, and, well.. I already said that I'm enjoying it. =)

We've been playing the Order of the Stick boardgame, which is fun. But y'know, sometimes while playing in these 3-6 hour board games, I wonder why my friends are willing to commit to boardgames on a regular basis, but not to a role playing game on an even semi-regular basis (or at all, really). Maybe its a level of commitment thing. Maybe there's some other writing on the wall I should be paying attention to. Anyway.

Urm, other non-news... went on a shopping spree at Kohl's with christmas gift-cards. Came away with some pants, which I've been kinda badly in need of, since all of the pants I've been wearing to work either are, or appear to be, 5 years old.

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