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Wednesday, January 3, 2007

First post of the year: TV and Werewolf

Woo! Happy 2007.

I've already talked about my resolutions, so- moving right along..


I have long claimed that "there is nothing on TV." What I meant is that there is nothing *good* on TV. I still kinda mean it. C'mon, we've got "Dancing with the stars", which just makes me shudder in horror, and then stuff that I stick my nose up at, that alot of my friends (and *cough* family) like, such as CSI, House, American Idol, etc. I just think that most tv is garbage. But I sure do love me some tv too. Law & Order (no, JUST Law & Order, I dont need any acronyms with it, thanks), Reno 911, Arrested Development, Sopranos, Rome, Lost (well, used to), Dead Like Me, Firefly, Dirty Jobs, Mytbusters, Drawn Together, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Scrubs, anything on the History Channel.... granted, some of these are canceled, but actually that just makes them easier for me to watch, cause friends have them on DVD and we can see them at our own pace, without commercials. Anyway, I dont have much of a point here, aside from that we've been watching Dead Like Me on DVD [note to self: come back when feeling less lazy and linkify these things]. Its a good, clever show, with an incredibly clever concept. I find it enjoyable, but I wouldnt put it in my Stack of Best Shows Evar- in that stack you'd certainly find Arrested Development and Firefly and the like.. but not Dead Like Me. Its good, but far from great. Though I think Mandy Patinkin and the character of Ms. Herbig are easily my favorite bits of the show.

Mmmmm I want to watch some more Arrested Development.

Oh and Werewolf. Here's who and what I have:
Me - I'll run the game, check.
Maddie - she's interested in playing werewolf. We did some prelude stuff, just her and I awhile back.
Krissi - she's willing to play werewolf.
Bill - A guy I contacted via email, who's said he's interested, and has given me an okay for a game date later in January.
Joseph - Another guy I contacted via email, he says he's interested, but I havent heard from him regarding the game date.
Ann - A girl I emailed about playing, but have not heard a word from.
Jason - I wish he was interested in playing :P

I've got a ton of ideas and stuff kicking around in my head, which is exciting for me. My plan is that if my game date happens, I'll hand out pregenerated Werewolf characters for a prelude of sorts. I'll propose that this is an introductory scenario so that people will not be going into chargen and such blind. I'll run the intro scenario, hopefully telling a story that will kindof setup a stage for the coming story arc, then after that we'll recreate characters or retweak them to people's contentment, and go forward with some playing.

That's the plan.

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