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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

D&D timeline

So I'm super late on this, but posting it anyway.

Way back here, I talked about having gotten together with some current and old gaming friends of a session of D&D. Well, it was not a letdown. I can say that, because I expected very little of D&D. Call me jaded.

Mostly to entertain myself, and apparently prove that I'm snotty and snide, I kept up with a timeline during our session. Here it is:

(Note - I'm just being a dick in general, not toward our GM or any of my players, so no offense, anybody)

7:00 todd arrived
7:08 todd reads intro text
7:14 the party asks questions of their employer
7:16 party travels into desert
7:17 find big easter island heads
7:25 john fails to find a big footprint, jason finds it
7:30 the heads start to make alot of noise
7:33 we start running around, and the heads start moving (of course)
7:36 we're fighting the big moving heads
7:44 round two, fighting some big giant heads
7:52 bruce calculates damage, todd asks what spell resistance is, bruce looks stuff up in the DMG
7:54 round three
7:58 we look up tumbling rules
8:05 one of the big heads is grappling bruce
8:11 round 4 perhaps?
8:18 fight is over, hydrate, duck into the statue's mouth
8:26 we pile up on the stairs, fretting about the maiden shaped arch
8:34 we get burned up, and vogel dies
8:39 maddie declines to play, comes to look over my shoulder
8:40 younger sends me gmail messages
8:41 maddie better check her email
8:43 bruce laughs loudly
8:52 bruce whacks away at one of the fire things that have attacked us
8:56 jason picks his way through dog poop
8:58 keith rolls saves for his items, having been handily resurrected back in town. but we don't have time to rest
9:06 we peer into a room full of chains
9:33 we battle some dogs and chains
9:42 todd makes some calculations while we discuss jumping boots

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