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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Werewolf gaming

Also as promised: Werewolf.

I am immensely pleased to announce that I recently successfully got a Werewolf the Forsaken game going.

After months of whining about no gaming and no gamers, within a single week I found 3 people interested, and rapidly assembled them and my two other gamers, and got a game going.

I wanted to meet and game first in a neutral location - somewhere that was not-my-house, since inviting people that I've known for 3 days and only via email to my home. But, scheduling did not allow a day when our local library was open, and I didn't want to try it at Starbucks/restaurant, we did it at my place.

Everyone showed up, and after sucking up my stage fright, and rambling through personal introductions and then introduction to the game, we were up and running.

So far so good. We're only a few sessions in, and we're only doing every-other-week, and we're having some scheduling conflicts, but I think I'm handling those particularly well.. We've got two scheduled gaming sessions where we're going to be short - on one we'll be missing Maddie, and on the other we'll be missing Jerry and Andrew. I do not want to run our regularly werewolf pack while anyone is absent - and for a second I seriously considered doing Shadow of Yesterday stuff on those two sessions - but I really do not want to throw any kinks into this excellent bit of gaming. So instead of either not meeting at all, or playing a different game entirely, or leaving players out of the pack's adventures, I'll be running two "one-shot" sessions that revolve around the periphery of our pack's story. More specifically, the players will get to play bad-guys in the story. I don't intend to put them head-to-head with their own characters, but they'll be close enough to smell each other, so to speak.

Again, I've been incredibly lucky finding these other gamers. Maybe I worry more than I should, but in addition to the problem of there being generally very few gamers at all - I'm always concerned that they'll be unsalvageable, or more simply, that I won't be able to put up with them. But that has not been the case at all. The guys who showed up are mildly-hard core D&D players, with a mix of "hey, check out my homebrew game that relies on large pools of d12's", but I'm being negativish. One fellow is seemingly my age, and is clean cut and looks like he does computer or paper-work. The other two are a father and son, the father being older than us, and the son being perhaps 16, both somewhat classic geeks, but super easy to welcome into my house.

So anyway: YAY GAMING!

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