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Thursday, February 1, 2007

question on heroic sacrifice vs terrible sacrifice

Still trying to get a solid grip on this, but here's trying:

Lets say you're playing Your Favorite Role Playing Game with your buddies. The end of the world is coming, though no one but you and your friends know.

You search and search and discover that there is a way to Save The World!

Now split: A and B, below.

A: In order to save the world, you must make a heroic sacrifice, dive headlong into the jaws of death, screaming your war song.

B: In order to save the world, you must make a terrible sacrifice. The family that you know and love? You must slaughter them, and they cannot know your motivations for doing so.

I'd love to hear anyone's opinion. What I'm looking for specifically is:
Which do you prefer? And why?
Do you think that there is a place for both, perhaps game and group dependent?
Any insight into what one offers or produces that the other does not?

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