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Wednesday, February 7, 2007

sanitizing and decency

Instead of watching the superbowl, I played some Puerto Rico and some Redneck Life. It was good stuff. I did happen to catch a couple of minutes of Prince's performance during the halftime show. During the Prince performance, I commented to someone how it was funny that we're so cautious about halftime shows after The Janet Jackson Wardrobe Malfunction Nipple Sticky Incident, that we're so concerned about making sure that half-time entertainment is family-friendly, and here we are with Prince doing the half-time show. Isn't this the guy who sang Cream? (Get on top/Cream/You will cop/Cream/Don't you stop/Cream/Sh-boogie bop)

Anyway, I'm going to skip my tirade about how prudish we are, how swearing and nudity are a normal and regular part of the life of most people, yet for some reason we/the media likes to pretend that we're all 5 year olds who have never heard the word "shit" before, or seen a woman's nipple. And I'll really skip my rant about how funny it is that the superbowl, seemingly a giant exercise in masculinity (and advertising), has apparently been neutered, because the only people that are watching it are 5 year olds who have never heard the word "shit" before, or see a woman's nipple. Er...

THEN! I saw this article on CNN this morning. "Was Prince's Super performance too revealing?" the headline screams. Who is safe? Is the band "Ok Go" safe? Oh geez, they have guitars too. A guitar has a long neck, which is kinda phallic. Oh its even worse, a person standing upright is phallic too. See, now I'm being silly. But this whole thing is silly.

How thoroughly do we need to sanitize this stuff? What are we accomplishing?

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