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Monday, July 16, 2007



New running shoes. Linky here (PDF). Took them out for 3 miles, then 5 miles. I haven't been doing running updates here as frequently, I guess because it feels kinda repetitious, but also, yknow when you do something more frequently, and it becomes routine instead of an exception, its harder to make a big deal out of it and, for example, blog about. But I did 5 on Sunday in 45 minutes, which is fine time for me.

I did not pay for, but I saw the Transformers movie. I will simply say that I did not enjoy it.

I also saw The Good German, which I did very much enjoy. It's black and white, and filmed and edited in a way that makes it actually appear to be a movie from the 50's. It's chock full of intrigue. I also have to comment that in addition to liking George Clooney in general, I enjoy the protagonist characters that he protrays. Unlike some other movies, in which the hero is tortured mercilessly, and responds by laughing, or taunting the torturer, or singing a bawdy song or something, Clooney's character get beat up routinely, and get their fingernails pulled out. But they still sometimes come out arguably on top, in the end, thanks to their resourcefulness and cleverness. And I like that. I don't need my protagonist to actually be superman.

We watched the first four or five episodes of Doctor Who, which we enjoyed very much. I like Christopher Eccleston (and what I've seen of David Tennant, in the one episode that I've seen of season 3). Eccleston always does intense really well, and I love the ridiculous grin and his seeming seat of the pants approach to things. Also, it was fun to see Simon Pegg play a bad guy in an episode. Pegg rocks.

I am no longer simply gainfully employed. I am now double employed. I got a callback from an employer the other day, interviewed, and am going to go in and do two hours of work/training this evening. A little nervous, but just cause its something new.

That's all that I can think of. Oh - I'm super excited about some of the games coming out for Xbox 360. Now if only Microsoft will drop the price by two or three hundred dollars :)

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