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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Funny late night conversations

an aim conversation from this evening.

sirgreendragon (10:36:38 PM): hello
NSFJermX (10:36:48 PM): hey
sirgreendragon (10:37:00 PM): I just emailed you, but then I saw you online
NSFJermX (10:37:21 PM): Fire away, I havent seen an email from you yet...
sirgreendragon (10:37:37 PM): once I log in to the website, how do I download the rep client
NSFJermX (10:38:01 PM): umm, what's a rep client?
sirgreendragon (10:38:15 PM): maybe you aren't who I thought you were
NSFJermX (10:38:19 PM): perhaps..
sirgreendragon (10:38:27 PM): never mind
sirgreendragon (10:38:31 PM): sorry
NSFJermX (10:38:33 PM): good luck!

P.S. I blame Davery for my sudden interest in Black Strap Rum.

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