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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Retail is tough

Man, retail is tough.

To compare apples and meatloaf: I work hard at my retail job. And for some pretty sad wages. At the end of a 7 hour shift my feet hurt, I'm tired, and ready to have 3 or 4 or 5 rum or jack daniels & coke zero beverages. I just can't help but think, while "recovering" the store (which I used to call Fronting, just pulling everything forward, cleaning up, etc), that is is hard freaking work. I mean, it's not breaking rocks or anything, but it's tedious, menial, and, well, boring. At my "real" job, I work hard, but.... well, I work smart. I do a fair amount of slacking/Wiki'ing. So its alot of difference. Imagine if you had a formula that figured out what 1 unit of "work was", and what 1 unit of "pay was", well at my retail job we're talking a work/pay ratio of about 70/5, while at my "real" job, we're talking a work/pay ratio of 40/65. It's just a vast difference.

Also, changes are a'coming. Good ones, I think. I'll be out of town the latter half of next week, driving to Virginia, so if you need anything picked up in D.C. or northern virginia, now is the time to get your request in.

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