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Sunday, August 5, 2007

Which way to go?

Sadly, I am lacking in the ability to create an actual poll, so instead, I invite suggestions via comments. Which way should I go?

North : jungle (59,27) in Preetsome, contains Nimthielanfel [city].
Northeast : plain (22,20) in Larok, contains Fo-rhes [city].
Southeast : mountain (45,37) in Deugrande, contains Rodmosa [city].
South : swamp (52,22) in Endinmar, contains Volburg [city].
Southwest : mountain (56,44) in Iaortai, contains Meqiville [city].
Northwest : forest (12,44) in Greverre, contains Ingaik't [city].

Important Note:

The Fallen Angels (11) writes:

Greetings all factions.
The Dark Brotherhood will continue their dominance into this new world, and to that end we have claimed the forest starting city of Ingaik't.

The city of Ingaik't, which is NW of the Nexus, belongs to the Dark Brotherhood and we will actively protect our land (as we have always done). Any ruler who is foolish enough to test our resolve will meet harsh resistance... any faction which enters the world by the city of Ingaik't will be marked as enemies of the Dark Brotherhood and will be hunted without mercy. We will lay our full efforts to war against such enemy factions, who will be slaughtered until they are removed from the world.

Do not tempt the Dark Brotherhood.

In addition to this, it has been brought to my attention that there are some new Leaders who have no experience with the worlds of Atlantis and the Dark Brotherhood. Due to this, we have decided to allow a short amnesty for any faction who unwittingly enraged the Dark Brotherhood by entering Ingaik't (perhaps they did not know of our claims). If you are in Ingaik't and you feel you do not deserve to be hunted and slaughtered, please send a brief email to [address removed] and explain your situation. I will read each message and grant mercy where it is appropriate. Failure to contact us or any attempt to depart without this grant of mercy will be met with heavy resistance.

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