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Monday, February 2, 2009

Computer Yay!

On Tuesday evening, I'll be doing the WOOO, NEW COMPUTER dance. It's a very special dance, and no, the event will not be televised.

You see, I'm a computer nerd. But I'm a computer nerd on a somewhat tight budget. Back in the day, I had the luxury of building a new computer once every year and a half or two years. Just frequent enough to stay inside of 'the curve'. Then again, I was also working a shitty job, lived at home with mom, and racked up the credit card debt. Anyway.

About 5 years ago, we got a sweet Dell laptop that has been my primary computer ever since. I'm a computer game player, and I've been crazy lucky that it's been able to keep up. At least, until now. I finally got a game for my birthday that I'd be waiting on forever for, and..... it would not run on the laptop. At all.

So, here's what happened, along with some story. As I may have said, we're expecting a baby in April. Cool! We've both taken job cuts, and I won't claim that we make retarded money in the first place. Eh, not cool. On the other hand, we've worked fairly hard to pay off ALL of our credit cards, and now just have a car payment, student loans and a mortgage. Cool!! We are kinda scared stiff about affording a kid. I mean, we can all eat and keep the heat running, but like, we want to do Montessori, which ain't cheap, and live generally like upper middle class fat cats. And with Krissi planning to take at least a few months off, we have some anxiety about our income.

I don't know why I'm on here stabbing myself in the hand while telling you this. Maybe its somehow like getting something off my chest. Imagine your loved one bursting in and saying in a loud and anxious voice, "Okay, don't panic, I bought this really awesome thing. I know it wasn't the best idea, because we could have used that money elsewhere, but I did it, and its done, and I'm happy with my decision." And then staring at you really hard for a second, and saying "Are we okay?", as though prepared for an actual physical fight.

That's not at all what happened in my case, but strangely it feels like that. In my head. No, I'm very fortunate and Krissi gave her blessing, and BAM! Faster than you could blink, I ordered my computer shit. We also threw a hefty sum into savings.

I started to inventory the shit I got on here, mostly because I love looking back at stuff years later to reminisce, but also just a tiny bit to brag, but then it felt too bragy, so I'm not. Right now.

In the "Everything else" news quick round up... Maddie and John are still alive and going. Their new family additions have been a joyous and tiring and perhaps even stressful experience for them, but they're all doing fantastically. Maddie's mom was down for a few weeks helping, and I know that having her there was invaluable to them. She's gone back home, and everyone misses her, but hopefully she'll be back sometime in the near future.

My D&D game might be going on hiatus earlier than I'd anticipated. We're loosing players as everyone all the sudden has kids, or family obligations, and so forth.

Um, that's all I can think of.

Computer Yay!!

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