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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Day 31: 4D6

From 365

The gang met up today for our Saturday Dungeons and Dragons game.

In brief, they've been asked by a humble village couple to find their daughter, who was kidnapped by undead servants of a necromancer, and on the very evening of her 16th birthday.

They charged off to the old battlefield cemetery where the necromancer makes his home. They passed through the challenge of the spiked gate, and soon learned the danger of straying from the path through the cemetery. This week, they were set upon first by giant shambling mounds of dead corpses. They destroyed the abominations, and reached the tower of the necromancer. Inside, on the first floor, they got ambushed by a group of undead mastiffs. Rawr!

Oh, and Robert rolled four six-sided dice (4D6) for damage, and got all boxcars (pictured above). We were all impressed with his dice fu.

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Unknown said...

Oh come on....I can't believe you would past about the game and get the description of the villain wrong. He's not a red necromancer at all. He's the Redneck Romancer!