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Sunday, March 26, 2006

lazy and stuff

Ok so I've admittedly been a bit lazy about getting on here and updated, but I've also had quite a bit going on. Which I suppose should be less of an excuse for why I haven’t updated and more of a shame that I haven’t updated.

I have a new job which I will start on April 3. Its with a lumber company here in Horn Lake. I’m excited about it. Its going to be doing IT stuff, same as I have been, but it’ll be different, and hopefully better environment. Its also a significant pay raise.

I went and did a 5k run today, which is excellent, because I again have been super lazy about actually trying to exercise. We took Yazhi out there with us, and it was excellent. She had a great time wandering around the park.

Its our anniversary the end of this month, woo!

I was certain that there was more I had to talk about, but now its not coming to me. Working on a big phone install this weekend that I’ve put quite a few hours into. Its been fun though, and I’ll miss these phone installs.

That’s it for now!

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