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Monday, March 20, 2006

V for Vatic!

So this weekend I've been fighting a minor headcold. Taking a bit of medicine to fend off the symptoms and trying to get some sleep.

So on Friday I accepted a job with a small company in Horn Lake, right around the corner from my house! Huzzah! I also put in my two-weeks notice at my current job, which went quite well. I'd been worried about how my resignation would go.

A small crowd of us went out and saw V for Vendetta on Saturday, and MAN! it was awesome. I've seen some of the debate about terrorism and so on and so forth. Let me address this in a brief and rambling fashion.

Its a movie inspired by a comic book done in the early 80's. I think that if your stance is that it glorifies terrorism, then you're way too uptight about your entertainment (yeah, that coming from me). 12 Monkeys didn't glorify terrorism, did it? Now, I also enjoyed how neatly I could fit it into current times and politics. Again, the comic is it pretty closely based on was done in the 80's, but it still seems a pretty neat fit.

Enough about the bits and pieces of the movie. I liked it alot, and will absolutely purchase it on DVD, and watch it frequently.

We saw the Sopranos last night. No spoilers, but boy was it a dull episode.

Hrm.. what else.. Letseeee I've been playing Silent Hunter III and Democracy, and even attempted to crank up some old gems like Tropico, Fallout 2, and Hearts of Iron 2... Speaking of which I'm looking forward to the Doomsday expansion for HoI2!

That's about it. Rainy weekend. Need to get out and run.... Oh! Maddie got a laptop that makes mine envious!

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