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Saturday, March 4, 2006


I forgot some stuff.

We watched Walk the Line on Friday evening. It was good, but somehow not as good as I'd expected it to be. At the same time though, I've really been dragging my feet about seeing it. I heard rave reviews and rave reviews, and managed to not go see it in the theater, despite my crew frequently trying to organize such an expedition. I just was not excited about it. I suppose though, it's that I'm not a Johnny Cash fan. Not that I dont like his music, it seems fine I suppose, but I havent really been exposed to it or formed an opinion of it. It was good though.

And Jason brought his Xbox 360 over Friday and we played it some. He brought Dead or Alive 4, Madden Football '06, Gun, and Call of Duty 2. And a racing game of some sort that was not anywhere near as cool as Burnout 3. Anyway. Gun seemed cool. Dead or Alive 4 was fun and pretty, but I own and enjoy DoA3. Call of Duty 2 seemed really cool. I'd decided awhile back that I wanted to own it, until I realized that it doesnt exist on regular old Xbox. And funny enough, I really enjoy Madden Football. I've long enjoyed Football console games, despite that I'm not a fan of *real* football. Its fun.

I'm light years away from rushing out to spend money that I dont even have on a 360, but it is pretty cool.

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