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Saturday, March 4, 2006

cars and movies

So lately the theme has been "Sick Cars".

Recently the Berreta broke down, and soon after the Saturn broke down, leaving us for a moment without a single working vehicle. Doesn't make one feel very suburban middle class.

Well we shelled out the $350 to get the Saturn fixed last week, so we were back to our semi-normal one working car really. I decided that we needed to get the Berreta out of the street this weekend so we pushed it to a garage. They checked it out and called me back. $500. Yup, five hundred clams to get it running again. Bear in mind that this is a '89 Berreta. So its got a goodly number of years on it.. Still, its a car that works.. well.. anyway.

With my income from work being so.. unpredictable, cash has been a scarce commodity around here lately. And so getting hit with TWO car repair bills, plus my glasses which need replacing has left us in more than a tight spot.

I usually refrain from griping about these kind of matters, which are, to me, kinda personal. But this seems like as good a place as any to kinda vent. And hey- its what's going on.

I got a really nice nibble on a job Friday, after having freshly polished up my resume (thanks John).

We went today and saw Ultraviolet. Now, before I contiune, let me lapse into my thing about movies. I'm kinda funny about movies. I am certainly not the most particular person that I know when it comes to movies, and I watch a fair share of movies, though most I catch on DVD. I tend though to like movies that are dark or twisted. Seven, Usual Suspects, 12 Monkeys, American Beauty, Falling Down, Full Metal Jacket, Way of the Gun, Kill Bill, Fight Club, the Big Hit... These are just some of my favorite movies. There is some variety there, but I like to think that I want a movie that evokes at least a little thought, or that is at least witty and clever. I cant get near movies like White Chicks, Doom, Suspect Zero, MindHunters, the Fast and the Furious, Mission Impossible 2, Blade, etc. So I've gotten involved in mildly cutting discussions with friends regarding recent movies like Underworld 2 and Doom and such.

So.. we went and saw Ultraviolet. I like Milla Jovovich, and this movie looked cool, so I suppose I went into it wanting to like it. I was not disappointed. I loved it. It was fun and pretty and spectacular and awesome. Tremendous.

Apparently I was in the minority though. The group of friends that I went with, the same people who enjoyed Doom and Underworld 2, apparently ranged from entertained but unfulfilled to downright disappointed. I was suprised by this. Certainly liking a movie is subjective, but I figured this one would be a pleaser for them as well. Furthermore, after I professed my enjoyment of this one, I was told how insane I am for enjoying this, but not liking Underworld 2, Doom, Blade, etc. And I dunno, maybe its simply a matter of predispositions and personal taste. *shrug*

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