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Thursday, March 27, 2008


Who do you write your blog entries to?

I mean, do you just write them "to the internet"? Are they to your friends? Family? A niche group that's interested in the same things that you are?

Next question: How much do you define your audience? Do any of you give thought to "your audience"? Either at the dawn of your blogging, or before every post? Is your audience "Matt, Mark, Bill and Joe"? Or is it your fellow They Might Be Giants fans? Are you writing things that you think will be of interest to your audience, or things that are interesting to you, and hoping people won't gouge their eyes out while reading it? (I fall very much into the second category there)

I ask, because I think that I have two audiences, you (where you is/are the people who I am aware of that read this), and me. Am I narcissistic? I use my blog sometimes like a weird post-it-note. But its also my bulletin board for sharing stuff with the likes of you. Recipes, my quest to stay fit, my random gaming thoughts, and any other assorted stuff that comes flying out of my head and into the internets.

How's that for blogging about blogging?

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