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Monday, March 10, 2008


So over the weekend, with the time change, our spam filter stopped working. So we got a few thousand spam emails that got delivered to inboxes here.

The C drive on the file server/domain controller was FULL. 0 space free. Looks like when I last installed the reporting/logging software for the firewall, I installed it to C instead of E, where I'd intended, so it filled up the C drive. I removed it, as a quick fix, and just a few minutes later, folks can't get to the internet. Oh - the reporting/logging software is also the brains for the webblocker, and I had it set to block if it can't validate.

Also related to the time change, the time on our phone was way off this morning, not sure why it got so goofed up.

One of our user's blackberry's is acting up, again. He charges it all night, and then by 10AM the battery is dead. And he's not on it all that much. We had this problem a month and a half ago when I got him a phone initially, and the provider had to replace the phone. The replacement acted fine, and now here we go again.

And our terminal server was hard locked again this morning.

What fun!

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