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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Busted Drums

So, I busted the drums on my Rock Band drum set. I noticed this, first when I started getting a funny hollow sound from one of the four pads. Later I noticed a tiny break in the gray cover of the same pad. We kept right on going, but soon saw that the tiny hole was a split in the cover. We stopped to take stock, and soon realized that I had managed to crack the plastic in two of the drum pads. !!!!!

So.. we stopped playing for the evening, even though I've started playing all the songs on "Hard"... INCLUDING mystery sets, which previously I always tackled on medium, because I was scared, but I ain't scared no more!

I am, however, concerned about being able to fix/replace my drum stuff. We discovered that the pads are removable pieces, more simply put - I don't have to replace the WHOLE drum set, to fix this, necessarily. The drum pads come off/out of the set. I have yet to carefully research to see if we can buy/replace individual pads. I can't have been the first person to beat the hell out of the thing, but I'm anxious about how to go about fixing it. And then keeping it from quickly happening again.

But uh, rock band fucking rocks :)

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