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Saturday, March 15, 2008

iTunes :(

I think I've complained about iTunes before. But here we got again.

I finally reformatted my computer. It was SO in need of it.

So I'm reinstalling stuff, and I am absolutely dreading iTunes.

It is such bloatware, I hate having to choose to use my computer, or to use my iTunes jukebox, but not both.

I also hate how terribly poorly it manages my music library. If I move some tunes around or anything. Goodbye playlists. Goodbye song ratings and statistics.

I loved winamp 5. It was light weight, and simple. But I'd be surprised if it can manage syncing with my nano. I like rating songs and keeping stats on them and such, cause I'm a nerd.. but do I need those things?

So, mostly I'm just complaining here.

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