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Monday, June 20, 2005

Back to Monday

Weekend was great, but it seemed super short. Maddie and John came back into town Saturday morning, and then Sunday was Father's Day.

So... we spent a goodly bit of the weekend working on the Scarlet Monastary in World of Warcraft. Some Vodka and Red Bull was consumed, and a good time was had.

This is our last week in the apartment it seems, so we've been packing stuff up. This evening after work we went and hit the pool, and are going to cook some grub up on the grill. We found out today that the closing has been delayed by a day, due to something that someone didnt send to someone else. Apparently the Leasing company failed to send something to the mortgage company in time, so instead of closing tuesday, we'll be closing wednesday. So it's still all good.

I'm still working on getting around to my coffee discussion.

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