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Monday, June 6, 2005

a home.

So I havent kept a diary or journal really since I was 16 or so. But I've had the urge lately to commit stuff to.. well, paper. Sortof.


Life seems to be moving at nine hundred miles per hour. We close on a home in Horn Lake on the 21st of this month it looks like. The process has been fairly painless actually. It all started when we noticed that our lease was up on our apartment the end of June. We've tried twice in the last two years to look into purchasing a house, and were not able to get anywhere, due to our poor credit. We began looking at rental homes, not wanting to continue to do the apartment thing, either in our apartment, or in another apartment. This apartment has been good to us, we've been in here for three years, but we're both extremely done with it. Ready to live in a place that has windows on all four sides of it.
In April though we got a financial windfall, and were able to pay off some old college era credit card debt. Krissi wisely suggested looking into buying a home again. I was a touch hesitant at first, not wanting to be told "no" again, but we checked it out and WOOT, we were told people would give us money.
Once that was done, we began timidly looking at homes, pretty much by checking realtor web sites and looking at photos and descriptions. We have become pretty attached to the area of Memphis we are in, which is east memphis, near St. Francis hospital, sortof sandwiched between memphis and the suburbs of cordova and germantown. We had long planned to look for homes in this area of town. There are a number of places right around here that seem to have some homes that we figured would be in our price range. Again it didnt occur to me until Krissi suggested it, that we look in North Mississippi as well.
We did hook up with a real estate agent named Kay Hodge, and we soon setup going and looking at a couple of homes in north MS, one of which we found online and loved. We went and looked at this home, as well as two others, and still loved the first home, which was the one we liked so much online. At this point already, we were trying to figure out how long to wait before deciding on a home we liked. We *really* liked the one we saw online and then went and looked at, but we desperately didnt want to impulsively buy the first home we looked at. We slept on it for a couple of days, and were still very excited about it. To be thorough, we looked at a couple of homes in memphis as well, but were still totally excited about the home in Horn Lake. So.. we called Kay back and setup another visit to the home. We went and looked again, and then filled out paperwork to make an offer to the seller.
So, that was two hurdles down: Finance, Home. All downhill from there. We had a home inspector come look at the home, and have gone by the place a couple of times to take friends and family to see it. We signed the final lending paperwork today, and so we are really really on the way.
We've been making plans for things that we'll have to buy when we get in there, like a water hose, a new wireless access point, a washing machine, etc.
We spent all of this past weekend playing World of Warcraft with Maddie and John. We got our undead group to level 34! WOOWOO!

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