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Saturday, June 18, 2005

home wish list

Here are some of the things that we are having to go out and get for the house:

Garden hose
Bird feeder
Lawn Mower
Clothes Washing Machine
various interior decoration items - wall hangings and stuff
replacement kitchen sink faucet (we just want a tall one)
Wireless Access Point
Glass storm door for the front door

I'm sure there are a zillion other things. We'll be investing heavily in Home Depot and Bed Bath & Beyond soon, I think.

It's SATURDAY! Maddie and John got in early this morning so we all collected and played some riders (World of Warcraft), then we split for awhile to let them take a nap, since they hadnt slept much in two days or so. Krissi and I are both playing Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, which is a blast.

It is a BEAUTIFUL day outside. I'm a little glum at being cooped up inside, but that's outweighed by computer/xbox gaming and doing some packing/cleaning. Speaking of packing/cleaning, the saga continues. We've packed up some more stuff, computer stuff and miscellanous junk that we are still attached to. I'm not sure if I've already mentioned it here or not, but packing is sortof difficult for us, aside from the normal "packing is a chore" line. We are trying really hard not to just pack all of our junk and take it with us. Each item gets a hard look, at whether or not we want to hang onto it or not. Alot of stuff isnt making it. We're trying to throw out alot of the stuff we've had hanging around since childhood and/or college days. Things that would look fine in a dorm (or apartment), but that we figure we may as well start to shed. Krissi and I are both clutter/pack-rat people, so we accumulate alot of stuff. We threw away (no lie) like six or seven computers. These were 486's, some Pentium 90 type machines, and some empty cases. Two or three non-working monitors made it into the trash. I've had a really hard time with alot of game related stuff, both computer and book-type. I am a huge packrat of computer game stuff, so I've got manuals from games like Harpoon, which was a great game... in 1993. Anyway, I just cant bring myself to throw away game manuals, game disks, and hell, even the game boxes, which I've broken down for storage. Other stuff that's kinda hard is things with some sentimental value attached. Just random stuff from childhood and college. Stuffed animals, postcards, notebooks with random stuff in them, etc. I'm keeping some stuff and pitching other stuff. Perfect example: I have had, since like junior high school, a corkboard that I kept notes, cards, stickers, buttons, and other random things collected from friends and family. Alot of it I just picked. Some I threw in a box so it can sit on a shelf for another five years. We've had to do the same with offerings for stuff. Our families are great, and are quick to offer us furniture and things for the house. We are of course grateful, but must decline some offers, as we are interested in trying to get stuff for our house. Hand-me-downs have been the by-word for apartment life, but now about to be in a house, I dont want an old couch, or just some old table. I want one that will look fly in our place. And I dont think I'm being unreasonable, I'm not going to rush out and buy a supah-expensive leather, reclining, vibrating, warming couch. I just want some nice stuff.

Topic for another day:

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