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Friday, June 17, 2005

utility services

So I am on the phone with Time Warner right now, holding for a tech so I can see about moving cable and internet service, and getting hooked up on digital phone service.

Just got finished making what seemed like a dozen phone calls, but in truth was only 3 or 4 to various utility companies in order to get power, water, sanitation, gas(?), etc turned on. Closing is now 4 days away :)

Transferring utilities is actually not that bad, so far, it seems. Couple of phone calls, but mostly painless. No *huge* deposits, though electrical kinda waved/waived a $200-something dollar deposit or setup fee at me. Water will cost us $100 though. We'll see what Time Warner says. I guess it just seems.. panicked because I havent done this before, and I know if I dont do it, or dont do it right, we get to have a dark house with no water or trash pickup. And *GASP* no internet.

K, so there is no Digital Phone service through time warner in Horn Lake yet. So looks like we get to call Bellsouth as well. Also I cant get my cable and roadrunner moved into the home until the current owners have their TW services disconnected, which happens on Thursday the 23rd, so I get to call TW back Thursday and setup an install for Saturday. Whew.

Next up: Bellsouth and 662 area code.

ps - this snipped of Instant Message conversation between the wife and I.
"jerm says:
just need power and internet anyway. If water and trash isnt on right away we'll live. That's what the back yard is for."

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