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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Closing and Coffee

This afternoon we drove down to Southaven and met with our realtor, the seller of the house, and some other people, and signed about a million papers. But we now own a home! Took us about an hour and a half to sign all the papers, but we did it, and now we're just waiting till like saturday to get keys and get in. Right around the corner!

Also, I've been thinking about coffee lately and figure'd I'd share here.
For years and years I've been content with Folgers Instant coffee, which most other coffee drinkers view with a certain amount of disgust. Well my friend Maddie turned me on to Starbucks coffee a few months ago, which I'd always thought of as coffee for snobs. I still do, but it sure is good coffee. Anyway, I'm only a two-cup-a-day kind of guy, but like I said, turned on to starbucks a few months ago, and recently I've sorta ditched my instant stuff. Decided I wanted to get a single cup coffee maker. I always make a cup of coffee in the morning for the ride in to work. Normal coffee makers dont really do it for me, as they're built to make 12 cups or so. So I'd been drooling over some single serve coffee makers for a couple weeks now. Well, as a happy-house present, Krissi got me a single serve coffee maker with a travel mug! YAY! So of course I had to compliment it with a bag of ground starbucks coffee from the grocery store. Sumatra is the flavor!

As a quick side note, I'm doing a pretty good job of not biting my nails! Still trying to not chew the skin, but I'm getting there.

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