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Monday, June 13, 2005

Weekend and week

So it was a rather weird weekend.

Our friends Maddie and John were called away suddenly this past Friday to Maryland, Maddie's grandmother was very ill and they went to be with her in her last hours. We certainly miss them while they are away.

Also this weekend, our friend Jeremy Y was getting ready to head back to his unit in Kuwait. He'd been back for two weeks on leave, and we got to catch up with him a bit, and he and his family got to spend alot of time together. We didnt get to see him as much as we'd like to have, but he'll be back for good here in a few months, so its good stuff.

Work is ramping up for me. Two new employees in about three weeks time. I've been doing some training, but also working on a couple of telephone projects that are starting to kick into high gear.

So a rather weird weekend, but a good one overall. We got to catchup on some sleep that we dont usually get. And it'll be a long week, but we'll survive.

I actually managed to go hit the sidewalk this evening and run a bit. Didnt even manage three miles, but I'm happy I got out there.

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