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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

same old... and werewolf

Not much new or exciting going on as of late. Andy (a friend through work and later through paintball and later just through hanging out) brought his out of state girlfriend down and we hung out this past saturday and watched The Aristocrats, Chasing Freedom, and The Chumscrubber. Loved the Aristocrats, very funny. Chasing Freedom was poignant and had a good story to tell, and Chumscrubber was good... I'll have to watch it again sometime.. very American Beauty meets Donnie Darko.

Work is busy as of late, which is cool I guess. I do like installing phone systems.

Maddie and I gathered this evening for a Werewolf game. I'm trying to keep a journal of our exploits which I'll post sometime. For this evening.. as follows...

Jake met with Sun and asked if she could get with some cahilith, or if there was any good werewolf lore on paper or otherwise available. Jake met up with sloan at club Umbra, where there had been a shooting recently. they went out wandering and heard a gunshot. they went looking and found a robbery or holdup in progress which they disrupted, driving off one, downing another and rendering the third incapable of escape. Jake and Sloan left the scene quickly. A few minutes later, still putting some distance between them and the crime scene, they ran into the scent of another werewolf. Someone up ahead apparently also caught their scent, because she stood up, and asked if they were forsaken. They replied yes, then asked if she was as well. She responded that she was, but said that the territory ahead in their path was not, that it belonged to a Pure tribe. Her name is June Fitzgerald. She is Elodoth Iron Master. The three of them hunted that evening.
* How does Jake feel about being shot at, and about putting her teeth in someone?
* What are Jake's thoughts on the Pure?
* Jake is working on carving out some territory around and including NYU in Greenwich Village.
* Jake is looking for some Loci in this area.
* Jake is working on gaining some reknown.
* Obviously, Jake is working on putting a pack together.

Otherwise.... my very wise friend Shasticon has pointed me toward FUDGE. [better link here for description of what FUDGE is]
He directed me to FUDGE after I'd expressed interest in a game system that was fast, easy and low maintenance. I'm a big fan of the new World of Darkness system, but I'd enjoy trying a system that both required less *looking up rules and powers and tables* and more *encouraging player creativity*. FUDGE seems cool.

In other news, quickly falling by the way-side, I need to get around to hashing out my failed Dogs in the Vineyard session.

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