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Thursday, February 9, 2006

Call of Cthulhu/World of Darkness

So on Wednesdays a small crew of us gather for gaming. I think it was at one time John's homebrew d20 fantasy game. Then it was Mike's Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay game, then it was Jason's Shadowrun 4e game, then it became my Call of Cthulhu with World of Darkness rules... game.

Last night was session #2 of the CoC/WoD game, and we were carrying over from session #1 the previous week. We lost a player, but the four remaining players and I carried on.

The players found themselves in a small mining town in the midst of a blizzard. They settled into the Hotel after hitting a Native American with their car on the way into town, and soon after the murderin' started. Naturally our party were looked at as suspects by the local law enforcement. They did some digging and a little investigating and before long we had more murders, dead law enforcement, native americans who wanted them to retrieve a magical silver disc and some shot up investigators. Turns out there's a werewolf involved, but the werewolf is just a servant to some other "Darkness". By the time the story wraps up, the investigators kill the werewolf and then drive off the "Darkness" with help from the native american shamans.

Well, they kindof stumbled through it. The adventure is pulled straight from a published Call of Cthulhu book, which I might (or might not) continue to run through. John and Dave and eventually Jason did a pretty good job of investigating some stuff, and Mike did a good job of snooping around town.

I'm not running next week though as I have a staff meeting at work, but will see what's shaking the following week. Either we'll run some more CoC or.. we won't.. and we'll run something else... or.. we won't.

This coming saturday though I'm going to be getting a few people together for Donjon which looks like fun. And if we have time and interest we might take Dogs in the Vineyard out for a few laps.

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