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Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Letsee, what's going on...

Work sucks. I'm so being fucked over. I have worked for almost 4 years for absolute beans. That was okay three years ago. However I'm now armed with a degree and married. And older. And I want more fucking money. So I'm looking.

Ran Dogs in the Vineyard this past weekend. I'm sad to say that it failed miserably. It was my fault. I just dont have a good enough grasp on the rules. So it was super disappointing though. We did however watch The Constant Gardener, which was very good.

Um, we replaced my car battery recently, even though we couldnt well afford it (story of my life). And now - this very second, the alternator in the car is dead. So we will produce some money from some magical place somewhere...

Maddie and I dove back into our Werewolf game though, which is very cool.

Anyway, I leave from here now to play some Feng Shui in our Wednesday evening game :)

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