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Friday, February 10, 2006


That's right. Snow. Right here in Horn Lake. (click the images for larger views)

Right now I sit in the warm breakfast room by the bay windows, glancing occasionally over my shoulder to watch Yazhi tear through the snow. She'll stand and look at it around her and sniff at it, then like a bolt, she'll take off across the yard at full gallop.

And here's a pair of movies of her playing in the yard..

http://slithytoves.sytes.net/~jerm/lj/nv/SUC50263.AVI (about 10 MB)

http://slithytoves.sytes.net/~jerm/lj/nv/SUC50262.AVI (about 6.5 MB)

This weekend I'm looking forward to getting some Rome Total War in, as well as some dice based gaming!

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