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Thursday, February 16, 2006

quick update: books!

Fortune smiles on me.

For Valentines my sweet wife got me Blasphemies and Lodges for Werewolf the Forsaken. Both look like excellent books, and I've skimmed through each. The intro fiction in Lodges is absolute awesome. And BlackHatMatt (Innocent Man) wrote it! Maddie has already stolen Lodges from me for her own reading, so they're being thoroughly enjoyed.

Also worth mentioning, since I'm on the Werewolf tip, I'm making a conscious effort to pick Maddie and my Werewolf campaign back up. I'll try to get into some details of it soonish.

My copy of Dogs in the Vineyard should be arriving in the mail this coming week which is super cool. And I'm hoping to actually get a game of Dogs going for some folks this weekend.

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