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Friday, February 10, 2006

random stuff

Randomly, here's what I'm up to.

Music: My last.fm page that keeps track of what I'm listening to in itunes.

Rome Total War. My friend Mike gave me the Barbarian Invasion expansion pack, as he bought it but found that he doesnt like the game. Weird. On the same subject, they're working on getting Total War: Medieval 2 for late this year and that freaking ROCKS!

Dogs in the Vineyard, more properly, the Lumpley games forum on The Forge.

Donjon, more properly, the anvilwerks forum on The Forge.

I've been MUSHing on Anytown, a new World of Darkness MUSH that I think I mentioned previously, but I'm afraid I'm already beginning to lose interest.

Oh Oh! And Krissi just got me Blasphemies!!! SWEET!

That's about it!

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