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Monday, May 21, 2007

In other news:

How about a weekend wrap-up?

Friday evening we got to hang out with the Maddie & John. Saturday we slept in, bummed around, played some computer games, did a 3 mile run with Maddie, and had my mom over. We watched For Your Consideration, which was fantastic - very funny, I highly recommend it. Sunday I got up early and did 3 miles, and it was great weather for running. I went hung out at Starbucks for a couple hours before noon, then went home where I rounded up Krissi and Yazhi, and we went down to Arkabutla Lake, and did a picnic lunch, let Yazhi enjoy the water, and did a little Geocaching (one find, three didn't-find).

Also - since we're dieting, I've gotten tons of mileage out of chicken. I can make a different variety of chicken dish every night of the week, and compliment it with seasoned rice or potatoes, and corn or green beans or broccoli. Just.. well, bragging a little, I suppose. Friday night I cut up chicken into bite size pieces, covered it with mustard, and cut up a lot of purple onion and threw it all into a skillet. Fifteen minutes later it was DE-LICIOUS. Last night I did chicken breast on the grill, threw some seasoning on it and let some shredded cheese melt on top of the chicken. I like cooking, and using basic, simple ingredients, in simple-to-prepare combinations. We've been universally pleased with the results.

Sorry, I'm pretty boring ;).

[insert exploding duck, and gun battle that takes place between secret agents standing on the wings of a pair of bi-planes as a battery of catapults hurls previously mentioned exploding ducks into the air.]

Edit: I forgot. I also turned in applications for a second job. I'm on the debt-reduction tip, and apparently I'm willing to give up a few hours of my free time for some more cash. We'll see if I end up: A) Working in a grocery store, stocking shelves, B) Working the front desk in a fitness club, and cleaning sweaty machines, C) Working at Starbucks, D) Waiting tables at Huey's, E) Doing IT work at the local community college - or even teaching some kind of computer class. F) Something else entirely.

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