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Monday, May 7, 2007

Weekend Roundup

I mentioned running just a moment ago, so there was that.

The rest of our crew was out of town this weekend, partying in Vegas, so Krissi and I held the fort down. Her brother, Travis, and a friend of his were down, partly for his little monthly music gig that he's got, and partly for Memphis in May. It was good to see him. Family, both family that is yours, and family that has come to be yours, can be difficult. I'm fortunate and do not have any hair-raising or particularly harrowing family difficulties, just the (I guess) usual "Someone who does not normally live here is here, and is touching all my stuff." Which is not to say that I don't appreciate having my brother-in-law down, but I'm always glad to get my home back - I think its because it throws off my routine. Travis and his friend did some sleeping at our place, but aside from that, they were out and about during most of their time here.

Krissi and I kept ourselves entertained playing console and computer games. We were babysitting Jason's Wii, and so we picked up SSX Blur for the Wii on rental to play it. It was cool, but just like the gamespot review said, some aspects of it were frustrating, particularly the Ubers and the Slalom. Ultimately, I spend a couple hours with it, and then fired up the xbox and put in SSX3 and was SUPER UBER in like 5 minutes. Heck yeah. I also ended up loading Burnout 3 for awhile.

Also, we did some hardcore budgeting this weekend. Working on getting our finances and spending under control and diligently focusing on paying off our debt. It is both terrifying and exciting. Terrifying because we have alot of debt to pay off, and even with diligent effort, its going to take some time. But its a good thing. We don't have any huge holes in our finances. Krissi doesn't have a $2,000 a month shoe habit, and I don't um, buy tons of expensive cigars or something [insert expensive personal habit here]. Though I do still want a serious computer upgrade, and I'm weighing it with our budgeting and so forth. Anyway. Wish me luck.

Oh - saw a copy of Night Watch, and it was, as advertised, cool as hell. I'm eager to see Day Watch.

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