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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Tool, cars, etc.

So the Tool concert was great. We were sitting in the nose-bleed section, but had a great view of the stage, so I don't think we could have gotten better seats. It was sold out, though there were some seats adjacent to us that were empty. It was a good sized crowd, and there's always a little entertainment to be had in people watching. It's funny to see the variety in attendance. Soccer-moms and software programmers, punk-rock teens and twenty-somethings, college frat boys, and so on. Tool puts on a really good live performance, and are very visually oriented. The stage platform was a reflective white surface, and served as a screen onto which light and video was projected, along with the three huge projection surfaces at the back of the stage, and another three above the stage. They do tons of wild video work, some of it was their videos, which are great, but alot of it was very distinctive Tool-style (though I assume they didn't invent it) video. Stuff that's bazaar, random, and mildly disturbing- shapes, patterns, etc. Wish I had an example. Oh here we go: "Vicarious" from their show in Vienna. The stage and lights and so forth are identical to the show we got in Southaven. I have no idea what he is wearing - it looks like a gas mask. Was not close enough to clearly make them out at our show.

I think that this is the setlist:
46 & 2
The Pot
Lost Keys
Rosetta Stoned
Wings For Marie
10,000 Days

I'm terrible at keeping up though.

So anyway, the concert was great. Krissi and I, as well as Maddie and Jason went - John had to cancel at the last minute. It was Jason's first concert, and I think that he enjoyed himself.

Unfortunately, after the show, Krissi had a small car wreck. It rained all night and she hit someone. That someone then took off. Her airbags did not deploy, and she was uninjured, but quite upset. The car's front end is pretty banged up, but it drives. Here we come, auto body shop repair and $500+ lighter in the wallet.

Also, I'm feeling much better this morning, though still a little bit allergied up. By yesterday evening, before the show, I felt like shit. Like my skin-suit was too tight, and itchy, and I had the stuff-head and lethargy thing going. I perked up some at the concert though, and hopefully have kicked my quick Hay Fever thing. Did not run last night, but will either run this evening or Thursday evening. Also, congrats to Maddie for getting back into running the other day.

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