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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

more running

So over the weekend I participated in the 2007 Trot for Spot. Yazhi was a Humane Society rescue. The Memphis Humane Society has a new facility that they were hot to show off, and it sure is nice. However, the event was kind of a cluster fuck. There were tons of participants, and volunteers and staff at the facility. When it came time to do the 5k walk/run, I took off in the lead, and a few other runners took up behind me. We found the course to be almost not marked at all. Like - we took a few wrong turns and had to go back, and eventually when I'd lost sight of everyone else, I had to make educated guesses a few times about where the course was supposed to go. And it was longer than 5k. And there were maybe one or two watering stations the whole way. Anyway, I'm still glad I went, hopefully it will be better next year. It was a tough run/walk for me, but it felt pretty good.

Yesterday, on Tuesday I got out and did 1 1/2. It felt good as well - though I need to be doing 3 or more when I do these - though I had a little bit of minor muscle pain. As far as I can tell, from Google, its the Peroneus Brevis muscle or tendon, or perhaps the Peroneus Longus tendon. Its on the outside of my right leg, about six or seven inches directly above my ankle bone. It does not hurt in a way that makes me think that I've damaged it or pulled something, instead it feels like a tight, tired sore. Even now, sitting at my desk, it does not bother me at all, but if I flex my foot and ankle around, I can feel it just a bit.

But anyway, I'm excited about running, and I'm excited that I'm excited about running. I need to work on getting myself back up to some reasonable distances, and then work on keeping with it.

By the by, where does time go? We're nearly half way through the year, and it seems like just the other day I was posting about my goals for the year.

I have apparently stopped biting my fingers and nails, and have been in good shape for probably two or three months. Yay! I'm running the werewolf game that I started back in January, and am working on getting a Shadow of Midnight game off the ground, though its a bit slower to get moving. What else..... It's a pretty good year so far - just fast.

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