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Tuesday, May 29, 2007


This past Friday evening we participated in the Memphis Zombie Massacre.

We had a ton of fun. We got all made up and joined well more than a hundred other people, and walked through downtown Memphis. Our path carried us down Beale street, Memphis' popular local and tourist bar-crawl area, then down Main, where there are tons of small shops and art galleries, and they were having a Trolley Tour, where both locals and tourists come to enjoy the galleries. So we had tons of spectators for our march. Almost everyone that I saw watching the march was very entertained. We passed couples and families and old folks and folks trying to eat expensive looking food and so on. The zombie crowd was really good. People seemed to be having a good time. Lots of costumes ranging from super cool and scary, to people with a dribble of fake blood on their tshirt, to everything in between. People could hang out in the crowd, and wear duct tape on their clothing to mark them as zombie victims. When spotted, the zombies would then take off after these people and zombify them. This worked pretty well until the end of the march, when everyone was out of extra blood, and I think folks were tired. We had a couple of duct tape clad civilians walking along with us, who wondered aloud why they weren't attacked. We confessed that we were all out of blood, and I guess maybe we should have given them a quick mauling anyway. We'll bring gobs more fake blood next time.

Anyway, enough text, now some pics, and a video.

Someone did a small documentary of the zombie walk, seen here.

We took tons of pics, which I uploaded here.

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