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Monday, May 7, 2007

Supernatural TSOY

What if there were a Shadow of Yesterday game that took place in a somewhat altered version of our modern reality?

What if in that game, the PCs were normal people, capable of completely abnormal feats.

What if they could throw cars?

What if they could use the power of their mind to stop bullets?

What if they could move so fast that they eye couldn't even follow?

This is that game.

Proposed rules:
Modern TSOY. Normal.
Capable of feats that defy logic and physics. Use the innate abilities, Endure, Resist, React, to perform incredible feats. Use a scale of 1-5 penalty dice for increasingly impossible tasks.
1 penalty dice: weird task. Levitate or throw dice or cards with one's mind.
2 penalty dice: Lift the front end of a heavy truck. Hurl books, plates, machetes, etc with your mind.
3 penalty dice: Shatter a reinforced concrete wall with your shoulder. Throw a person across the room with your mind. Land on your feet after leaping from a three story building.
4 penalty dice: Lift a bus, uproot a telephone pole and use it as a missile.
5 penalty dice: Throw a bus a hundred yards. Juggle automobiles with one's mind. Move with such speed that you can be in two places at once. Land on your feet after leaping from a 30 story building.

Let players use gift dice and pool bonuses to give themselves bonus dice to these incredible tasks, to diminish the penalties from the penalty dice. These tasks aren't supposed to be easy, especially the insanely difficult ones, they're just supposed to be possible.

A few suggested guidelines:
No flying. Or allow flying - superman style flying, at a penalty of 5.
No mind-control and illusions, no fireballs. These are not D&D sorcerers, or even characters from white-wolf's Mage. They're people who can twist reality right around them.

Influences: The Matrix, Night Watch, Constantine, Supernatural, Heroes, Unbreakable

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