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Sunday, June 10, 2007


So one of my werewolf players just quit on me.

Out of the blue. No reason given.

Naturally, I'm terribly curious as to whether it was the players/GM, the game itself, or something entirely unrelated.

That sucks though. With him out, and Krissi having increasing obligations to her theater gig, it leaves me with a light group.

I'm frustrated too, because if this spells the death of this werewolf game, which I see as pretty likely, its the second game in a row that has been left completely hanging - unfinished. I hate not being able to bring closure to a game, and for the people who stick with me and have played in other games with me, I can't help but feel that game after game that gets left unfinished makes folks less likely to be interested in starting something anew.


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