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Saturday, June 9, 2007

running, pool, pizza, werewolf.


Did another 5 miles on friday: 49 minutes. Took saturday off. Will get back onto the pavement on sunday.

Went to the pool today. It was good.

Applied for a part-time job at Pizza Hut, Papa John's, Home Depot and Blockbuster.

Papa John's is very promising, the manager said he'd call me on monday, and it sounded like I might be driving some pies around this week, perhaps. Exciting and a touch scary. Not at all sure what to expect really, I've tried to look up stuff related to delivery, just to get an idea of maybe what to expect. I've never worked for tips, and I guess drivers are only sortof working for tips, but its pretty new territory. I hope it works out alright.

Ran werewolf today. It went well, a huge battle was joined. I continue to have a problem that my players seem to be directionless. This could be from one of a number of causes - perhaps I'm not dropping any hints or am running too complicated a game, perhaps my players arent paying attention. I'm not certain of a good solution to this problem, either short term or long term. I don't want to steer them around by the nose: a game in which I just tell them "Ok go here, Ok go there". I feel though like I have to hand things to them to do. Like they just wait for me to hand the next task to them. "So-and-so calls you and asks you to do X,", or "Some guy busts in with a submachine gun!". Again, I'm not certain where this comes from. Maybe I've somehow encouraged this. Anyway, it bears further thought.

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