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Thursday, June 7, 2007

thinking about games while running

Last night I did 5 miles in 49 minutes.

I've lost some weight, and my pants all fit funny now (where funny = a few extra inches in the waist).

While running, I thought about running a Dwarven TSOY game, like the dwarves in Midnight, where they're doing all that they can to resist the overwhelming flood of the Dark Armies. Then I thought about how my friends all drool over Drow games, and how I could run a Drow TSOY game, and they could fight dwarves. And I thought about how the Dwarves would be elementalists - able to ritually summon mighty earth and stone elementals, and they'd be able to shape stone with their hands. Hey - drow are bad ass, I feel like I need to pump dwarves up just a little, just to be a match.

Then I thought about running a game which, after I thought about it, was very inspired by Warhammer 40K, in which the PCs live on a planet called Halyton 7, a mining planet. The planet was colonized and domed some 3,000 years ago, and has been totally given over to the armament industry. It would be separated into Factory-Cities, and of course, somewhere on the planet would be an abandoned Factory-City, that was just talked about in rumors and whispers. The Factory-Cities would be populated by hundreds of millions of people, each part of a clan related to some aspect of the armament industry. In Bolter Factory-City 3, there are Frame Clans, Bullet Clans, Stock and Mechanism Clans, and so on. All very tribal and low-tech meets hi-tech. That was as far as I got with it, but I enjoyed the bleak, contrasting, rust-covered mental picture that it evoked in my mind.

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