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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Its hard to get a job

Apparently, its hard to get a part time job as well.

I'm just looking for it as supplemental income. We're not in a spot in which I have to get another job or anything. We're not under the water, we're just treading water - or have been, anyway. Now we're trying to swim. /analogy boy

We paid for lots of movies and restaurant trips and DVDs and other bullshit on credit cards, and fell into the good ole american credit dream nightmare. Well, as I may have mentioned here, I went to a Dave Ramsey seminar some time ago that Maddie and John were kind enough to give me a ticket to. I'm skeptical of anyone who wants to sell me anything, especially if its some variation of a "recipe for success", so I went in wonder how much smoke would be blown, and it turns out, not very much.

Now, I'm about as far removed as you can be from an accountant, banker, or anything else that you would associate with informed and responsible money handling. More simply, I'm a poor manager of money. I don't make terrible decisions, but I've made alot of poor decisions. So we find ourselves in a situation where are are not, as I said earlier, over our heads. I know that there are some people who owe more per month than they make. We're not there, though we weren't far from it. Basically, we're now on a budget. And I don't just mean that we "have" a budget, but we still buy random bull shit and just write it into the budget later.. We're living by it, baby.

And y'know, its not especially difficult or painful. We have of course our Bills - everything from our "Holy Fucking Interest Rate, Batman" Credit Card(s), to water/gas/light/cable bills, etc. Then we have our funds (envelopes!), like Groceries, Gasoline, and when we can afford it, Recreation. And it goes pretty well. We eat out less, which is okay. We buy less stuff, which is okay too, though I like buying stuff. We are a little more selective at the grocery store.. but we get what we need. We're not eating ramen noodles and crackers - we're still doing the diet/eat-healthy thing, and so I've found a few dozen fun and interesting ways to prepare chicken and some combination of rice or potatoes and green veggies. It's just tightening the belt. The idea here is that we can focus the money that we're now not using for Taco Bell and Best Buy and use it to pay down our car payments/credit card debts. We're about two months in, and its working for us. :)

But as I was saying - its apparently hard to get a part time job. Strikes me as a touch funny, I'm a white-collar professional, capable of holding down a steady and fairly well paying job, but for some reason, cannot seem to get the manager of a pizza joint to call me back and give me a job driving pie around town. I don't relish the idea of giving up a large chunk of my free time, but the additional income would put us just that much more in the black, and let us pay down that debt faster, and go back to buying DVDs at Best Buy - with cash that we own, instead of credit that we don't own.


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